Healthy Snacks You Can Eat Without Gaining Weight

Most people don’t realize that making a few simple changes to your diet can do wonders in helping you achieve your weight loss goals. It comes down to simply replacing the unhealthy snacks in your diet with healthy ones. The surprising part is that a lot of these healthy snacks actually taste pretty darn good. Unfortunately it is still very difficult for most people to stay away from the junk food. When you’re in the mood for a snack, or you need something to hold you over in between meals, it can be very tempting to just grab a candy bar or a bag of chips.

Greasy potato chips, cream-filled donuts, or your favorite candy bars are often packed with a ton of sugar and unhealthy preservatives. There are however plenty of healthy snacks out there for people concerned about their weight. The trick is finding the ones that both taste good and can help you reach your weight loss goals at the same time. Below is a list of 7 healthy snacks that fit the bill.

1. Celery and Low Fat Cottage Cheese

Instead of crunchy potato chips, indulge in 2 full stalks of celery and ½ a cup of low-fat cottage cheese. This is a delicious, filling snack, and can be made even better with a little lemon juice or sea salt. There are only about 92 calories in this snack, as opposed to 160 calories in only 14 potato chips.

2. Crackers and Tuna

Instead of having that reheated cheeseburger from the dollar menu at your local fast food restaurant, create a delicious snack with half a can of tuna, 5 whole wheat crackers, and a bit of hot sauce. This is actually one of my favorites. Compared to the 440 calories you’ll find in the average cheeseburger, this snack only has 107 and it still tastes great.

3. Oatmeal and Fresh Strawberries

Skip the fatty milkshake and have a healthy snack of oatmeal and strawberries. Just 1 cup cooked oatmeal mixed with 3 diced strawberries will do the trick. Oatmeal is certainly healthy, but the best part is that it fills you up quickly. Your snack of oatmeal contains 160 healthy calories while the milkshake provides a whopping 440 calories.

4. Bananas

Skip the glazed donuts and snack on a delicious banana. Bananas are loaded with potassium, as well as carbohydrates, the body’s number one source of energy. In addition to that, the banana only has about 114 calories, while a medium donut contains about 225.

5. Black Beans and Cheddar Cheese

Instead of running to your favorite taco joint for a couple of soft tacos, indulge your craving for Mexican food with half a cup of cooked black beans topped with some reduced fat cheddar cheese. Add a teaspoon of hot sauce and some pepper, and you’re good to go. With this delicious snack, you’re getting a lot of protein and about 192 calories, while a few tacos from the fast food restaurant would have totaled more than 400 calories.

6. Cantaloupe

Don’t settle on that ice cream cone just yet. Instead, choose 2 delicious cups of fresh cantaloupe. You’ll be getting twice the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C, but you’ll only be getting about 112 calories. The ice cream cone isn’t too bad, with a total of about 140 calories (vanilla soft serve), but it isn’t loaded with those cancer-fighting vitamins and anti-aging antioxidants that the cantaloupe has.

7. Yogurt and an Apple

Choose a half cup of plain, low-fat yogurt and a sliced, medium apple rather than the apple pie you’ve had your eye on. Yogurt provides calcium, which is essential for healthy bones, and it’s another healthy snack that is great for weight loss. With the apple, you’ll be consuming about 200 calories, which is less than half the calories you’ll find in a single slice of apple pie.

While it’s not always easy to choose healthy snacks over junk food, the weight loss results will be well worth it. With a little creativity and research, you can keep healthy snacks on hand that you’re just as excited to eat as the unhealthy ones that are dripping in fat and calories.

This article only touches on the dieting aspect of weight loss. Remember that dieting alone is not a healthy way to lose weight. All successful weight loss programs [] should include a healthy diet and exercise plan. If you haven’t exercised regularly for a while, then you probably need some guidance.

Healthy Snacks for Moms-To-Be – Best Snacks to Carry Along

It is most important that women who are pregnant eat a nutritious diet full of vitamins and nutrients for her health as well as for the health of her baby. The development of her baby can depend greatly on the amount of proper nutrients that she consumes on a daily basis. It can be difficult for busy women who are pregnant to eat health when they are always on the go. Below is a list of healthy snacks for moms-to-be. This can be helpful for those who do not have enough time to prepare healthy snacks all day.

Healthy Dry Cereal – Dry cereal can be satisfying and filling for many women who enjoy snacks on the go. They can fit into a Ziploc baggie or in an airtight contain for easy access. These types of cereals contain healthy fiber and other nutrients including folic acid. Try staying away from the cereal that has added sugar. This can be bad for a pregnant woman’s health.

Soy Chips – These are tasty healthy snacks for moms-to-be, and they contain a good amount of protein derived from soy. Many women get their daily allowance by snacking on foods rich in protein. This is a great way to stay healthy, and keep the stomach full of nutritious food.

Smoothies – This can be a great way to pack in the calcium as well as the protein into a diet. These smoothies can be taken on the go in the car or on the train. It is an easy way for a pregnant woman to get a great deal of nutrients in one snack.

Edamame – These healthy snacks for moms-to-be are full of fiber and protein. They offer a refreshing way to eat healthy and stay full. Many pregnant women find that these can be packed in individual snack sizes at the beginning of the week to be easy to grab on the go.

String Cheese – This is a great snack for nearly everyone. String cheese is typically a low fat, low calorie snack that is high in calcium and protein. This offers a good way to stay energized and full throughout the day.

Apples – The age old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has some merit. They are among the health snacks for moms-to-be that can be easily carried on the go. An apple stays good for many days, and does not usually require refrigeration.

Granola Bars – These little bars are great for food on the go. The granola found in these bars are a healthy treat, and they usually have some sort of tasty sweet treat inside such as peanut butter or chocolate. It is important to choose whole grain granola bars to provide healthy snacks for moms-to-be.

Nuts – Packing a baggie full of nuts can be a great way to get minerals like magnesium and potassium on the go. When looking for healthy snacks for moms-to-be, this should top the list.

Popcorn – This can be a great way to get a quick snack in at the office. This snack is traditionally low in calories as long as it is not slathered with butter.

Choosing healthy snacks for mothers-to-be is important for many women who are on the go. Eating right is essential to maintain a healthy pregnancy. The growth and development of the baby depends on the nutrients that the mother-to-be consumes. Along with taking a prenatal vitamin daily, a pregnant woman should be eating a balanced diet full of all the major nutrients. When in doubt, it can be a good idea to check with the doctor to ask for a few suggestions on what to eat, and what not to eat when pregnant.

7 Healthy Snacks That Are 150 Calories Or Less

Are you trying to lose weight, shape up or take your fitness to the next level? Do you eat 4, 5 or 6 times each day? Most of us have at least one or two snacks per day and sometimes it’s hard to find healthy snacks that are somewhat calorie controlled and nutritionally balanced. Depending on your daily energy needs, snacks will most likely range from 100 – 200 calories (some more, some less depending on the person and goals). This list of healthy snacks with 150 calories or less can help you with your daily snacking needs. These options are not only healthy, but most are well balanced with healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates.

1. Fiber Snacks – These babies pack a great punch with 6 grams of whey protein, 6 grams of fat and 19 g of carbohydrates – 150 Calories. They contain a healthy dose of natural fiber as well as prebiotics for healthy intestinal flora. They are gluten-free, natural, and have no artificial colors or flavors. Since they’re in the form of a bar, they’re easy to take on the go. Fiber Snacks They come in two flavors – chocolate peanut crunch and honey almond crisp and are made by Isagenix.

2. Whey Thins – Whey Thins are a savory, crunchy snack in 100 Calorie paks that are easy to grab and go! With 10g of undentured whey protein, 10g carbohydrates and 3g of fat, Whey Thins come in Sour Cream + Onion and Barbecue flavors and are made by Isagenix. They are a blend of 7 whole grains and contain only natural ingredients without any artificial flavors or colors.

3. Slim Cakes – The Slim Cake by Isagenix is a berry + rolled oat snack that is slightly sweet and only has 90 Calories. 5g of high soluble fiber for heart health makes this cake filling and delicious. Slim Cakes can help curb cravings, support digestive health, and contain 20% of daily fiber needs.

4. IsaDelight Chocolates – These chocolates from Isagenix are packed with green tea extract, amino acids and antioxidants and can help satisfy cravings. They come in dark, milk chocolate, sea salt and caramel milk chocolate and dark chocolate with mint. They have only 60 Calories per square. Enjoy 2 chocolates for an easy 120 calorie snack!

5. Acai Bowl – Mix 1/2 Scoop of IsaPro Vanilla protein from Isagenix with 1/4 C or 50g Frozen Acai Berries and blend together. Top with 1 T Coconut and 10-15 blueberries for a nice delight that includes plenty of protein, healthy fat and low glycemic carbohydrates! Pure, undenatured whey protein from cows never treated with added hormones or antibiotics is the base for the IsaPro protein powder. 135 Calories

6. Greek Yogurt + IsaCrunch – Top 1/2 C Plain Greek Yogurt with the benefits of IsaCrunch’s hulled hemp seeds. This snack is 150 calories. IsaCrunch from Isagenix contains an ideal ration of omega 6 – omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids from the hemp seeds. They have a naturally nutty flavor and are gluten free.

7. IsaLean Shake – 1 scoop of IsaLean shake packs 120 Calories, 12g protein, 12g carbs (4g Fiber) and 2.5g fat. Filled with undenatured whey protein, healthy fats and filling fiber, this shake comes in strawberry cream, french vanilla, dutch chocolate and black sesame. A fabulous source of vitamins and minerals, this meal replacement shake has it all. Blend with ice and water or simply shake with water in a shaker and you’re done!

One of the most important things about snacking is that the snacks are balanced with a healthy amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates to maintain optimal energy levels. A good amount of lean protein, healthy fats and healthy carbohydrates will help achieve a balanced snack.

Be in Better Control by Having a Healthy Snack List for You and Your Children

Having a system in place is a better way of control than just picking at random. This especially applies when it comes to food which determines our health. This is why many people are looking for a healthy snack list, because sometimes is the need to take food throughout the day without accumulating too much fat in the body.

Our food today is very misleading. Most of the food out there may look good and healthy but actually leads to weight gain, diabetes and ongoing health issues. Just as an example, the name of fruit juice sounds very healthy? Of the shelf bought fruit juices are drinks that you want to avoid at all cost if you want to lose weight or stop butting it on. It’s not just the weight issue here, it is all about the added artificial sweeteners, preservatives and bad ingredients which become a serious health problem.

Getting peckish between meals, reaching for anything that is nearest to your fingertips is almost as disastrous as a train running of its rails. You need to have a healthy snack list. Having the right food even between meals is very important because it stabilizes your blood sugar levels and you won’t experience the cravings most dieters face. Here are some ideas and suggestions for a healthy snack list for you and your kids.

Healthy snack list for kids

A good, if not the best snack list for kids, especially those who are more towards the heavier side and eating the same food every day, includes: Sliced fruits, vegetable sandwiches, using whole grain if possible, cereal fries, baked beans, olives, cheese kabobs, frozen mini pizza, veggie platter, tortilla with grated cheese, baked beans, egg curry, apple fries, peanut butter, low-fat pudding, sliced chicken breast, black or low-calorie chocolate, popcorn, oatmeal cookies and smoothies.

Keep an eye on the calorie content while preparing their snacks; make sure you prepare food with the correct amount of calories. If you don’t know how to prepare some of these snacks, look for some great recipes and make fun food at home. There are so many high protein snacks for kids available. This will insure that your child is eating and living a healthy life. To make it perfect a good natural supplement could be added to the lunch box. Some come in a 30 ml (1 FL OZ) convenient pack, full of nutrition and natural fruits with a sweet tasty flavour.

Snack list for adults

Here is a list of snacks for adults; they are both veg and non veg. With this list you will get the necessary energy and satisfaction you need. Such as a bowl of mixed dry fruits, almonds, stacked vegetables, wheat bagels, whole grain sandwiches, sprouting beans, chicken breast, tortilla with peanut butter, oatmeal and milk, soybeans, and finally 100 calorie pack of cupcakes. The above list of snacks is high in fibre; this will take care of your belly shape and keep the weight steady as well. The snack can also help a lot in losing weight since they are low in calories. For those who hardly get time to prepare a proper meal, this can be of great help, better than eating junk foods that is both unhealthy and leads to weight gain. Adults can also use a supplement like mentioned above that is an all natural antioxidant blend.

Snack list for women

As a woman you are probably looking for low-carb food and some delicious snacks to break your monotonous daily routine. The following is a list of snacks that can help you lose weight. This will also help you stick to your diet and give you the satisfaction you want. The snack includes: Tofu, English muffin with peanut butter, tuna salad, deli turkey, fruit juice ice blocks (made from your own juice), sausages, jerky, popcorn, frozen fruit bars, fat-free pudding, vegetable soup, fruits, yogurt, mayonnaise and eggs.

With the list above you are getting nutritious healthy snacks instead of junk food. If you are on a diet and trying to lose weight, you don’t have to suppress your appetite all the time. Just enjoy some tasty snacks in between your meals. The above healthy snack list will make you feel better and greatly help you in losing weight.